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Thoughts from Mark Martins Implant Denture Clinic
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Lower Dentures and Suction

09 November, 2018
It is well noted in the denture world how much better an upper denture will fit compared to a lower denture. The main reason for this is the ability for an upper denture to obtain suction.


Bar over dentures

20 March, 2018
Bar overdentures are another form of removable teeth on dental implants. In the last blog we talked about locator over dentures. This was when the denture was snapped on to single dental implant. The ...

Dentures on Dental implants

09 February, 2018
Most people have heard of dental implants. However I find what they know about dental implants is not always correct. When I tell patients about dental implants, they are often surprised to hear what ...

Dentures and Dental Implants

27 October, 2017
For as long as dentures have been around, so to have the problems that are associated with them. For some people dentures can be bulky, move around (especially lower dentures), cause soreness, affect ...

Denture Cleaning

19 October, 2017
So you have your new dentures and the perfect smile that you have been dreaming about. How do you care for them so they stay pearly white and last as long as possible? This is a common question amongs...
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