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Thoughts from Mark Martins Implant Denture Clinic
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Denture Materials (Part 2)

06 May, 2017
I mentioned in the previous blog that not all dentures are created equal. We discussed the types of acrylics involved in making dentures and showed some of the advantages of using the Sr Ivocap to mak...

Denture Materials

24 March, 2017
Not all dentures are created equal. The materials used can dramatically affect the life, fit, comfort, esthetics, as well as the overall function of your dentures. One of the biggest advantages of cho...

Do You Have a Loose Lower Denture?

10 March, 2017
Most denture complaints involve lower dentures. The number one lower denture concern is a loose or ill fitting lower denture. Upper dentures have suction and tend to be fairly stable in the mouth. Thi...

Denture Cleaning

17 February, 2017
When you first receive your dentures they come well polished and shined. Over time dentures can become discolored, dirty looking and even start to smell. Often dentures may even start to feel rough, i...

Kingston Denture Repair

27 January, 2017
Why do dentures break?

Unfortunately just like everything else in life dentures do not last forever. The average life for a denture is somewhere between 5-10 years. In spite of this den...
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